The Accident Was A Close Shave

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Isn’t it scary knowing that at any time could be the last time you talk to someone?Always keep that in mind.

February 7th 2018…

As usual this day started out me hurrying to work..why?i was running late (I’ve changed though) what sucks is i didn’t even make it to work,

What I remember :

Saw a friend of mine,  I was really focused to get to him and say hi. Next thing I see is a blurred image so many people around me  being carried out of a car to another I was in pain. I remember touching my neck cause something was dripping,* blood* then I think I lost consciousness…

In my head I thought I was dreaming waiting to maybe wake up again and rush to work, another memory was docs all over me injections everywhere and more pain, remember the friend I was to say hi to [name:waweru]. He was with me in the emergency room calling my name multiple times asking for my phone’s password to call my folks. I was passing out then coming to a couple of times. Turns out Waweru saved me you know he didn’t let the guy who hit me drop me off to Kenyatta hospital and run off *what usually happens*, he took charge before mom and dad arrived.

What docs decided :

By now you’ve caught up I was involved in an accident right? I finally comprehended when my head was getting stitched and my hair being chopped off part of my hair though.

I tried convincing the doc that he didn’t really have to stitch me up.  A simple bandage would do…he even laughed,am hilarious at my worst too hahaha .

The stitching was so damn painful I cried… out of self-pity too also, the people I wanted to be with at that traumatic moment arrived two of my cousins. Mom, my brother and bestie boo came in later together by now my family had flocked in the hospital, surprisingly even my boss. They recommended a CT scan since the head injury was quite deep.

Results :

A fractured skull and blood clots in the brain. You should have seen my moms face and mine when we got that, a 24hr observation turned to 4 days, yes I was admitted for the first time in my life.

Recovery Journey :

To be honest, I’m still recovering. But after being discharged it was tough. MAJOR headaches, neck pains, I barely slept at night. Strong meds that made me feel nauseated, all I wanted to have is chocolate. But by now clots are gone and probably I have no fracture.

According to me, everything was loud and irritating at some point I couldn’t stand my baby sister since she’s a noise maker.

Turning my head to the right side is still a hustle weeks after. Sleeping on my right side is uncomfortable, my right leg limps at times and out of nowhere I can get a very disturbing headache *reason for lagging behind with my reads* haven’t attended the book club since the accident.

Seeing the neurosurgeon every now and then is hella expensive, so are my meds

What I recently learnt is I am going through post-trauma stress(seeing a shrink maybe?). Everything involving the roads is making me freak out. Crossing the road is a huge task for me, but what choice do I have life goes on.

What I’ve learnt;

  • To thank God for your healthy self.
  • Not to take things for granted.
  • Family is everything! I really loved how everybody came through I thank God for all of you.
  • My enos.. she is stronger than I thought, girl cracked me up even with my pain and with drips on both hands. She kept calm for me. A real buddy huh? I love you bestie boo.
  • I really loved how my friends  would check up on me and give me phone calls, which FYI they were hilarious calls, till today some do(there are real people after all)

Lastly, I AM LOVED ❤❤❤

Looking  on the bright side i made it, i mean here i am doing this post,learnt a whole lot of stuff leave alone what i pointed out.

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  1. Estar Maria Reply

    It really sounds like a dream aki,Am sorry about the accident ,Thank God you are okay now fifi,,.That’s all that matters.

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