In The Present Time Going Solo

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Ola friends! yeah, friends, I mean it, I just need to explain a few details for instance why its ‘I’ and not ‘we’… no longer a duo just a solo not to worry it was mutual, so I just hope I’ll get a hang of it and not disappoint my subs!! yes, the blog continues.

 So this is ‘I’…Fifi.

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There has been changes if you noticed and there will more especially the name change which is MAJOR, still thinking of a blog name. Another thing, I know I haven’t really posted substantial posts note taken guys, but tell you what, I am getting back on track….. not entirely though but I’m headed there more relevant posts coming up!

Currently dealing with…

-Workload 😖as the year continues new work challenges

-Moving out finally! which  is quite a huge deal

-Weirdly increased my appetite and ice cream consumption am getting heavy, that I can tell.

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What I’m striving towards.

  • Being my most authentic self
  • Getting this blog on to the next level
  • Eating healthy and lots of water intake despite the cold
  • Trying out new book genres specifically historical fiction, suggestions anyone?

The change I’m quite loving: new journey, new direction I feel it and the new things that I have to unravel, walk with me on this whole new chapter, shall we?

I LOVE BOOKS!!! Make sure you follow me on my socials. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Can’t wait for more …I believe in you Go girl 😘😘😘😘

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