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Apologies for not posting in a while. Especially when I vowed on my last post that I’ll be on track but the thing is, I wanted to start posting after the domain name changed from to which has been hectic but on the bright side finally managed so welcome guys.

Allow me to fill you up on some attributes;

first things first I moved out! Been 2 weeks now and still getting a hang of it.

How moving out has been so far

For a girl whose mom and dad made it clear that she will move out of the house wearing a wedding gown and moves out before then, is a challenge leaving the comfort of your home ps; am that girl. But for this year knocking up challenges is what I signed up for and I believe I will make my own comfort home too 😊. Besides I had to get out of my bubble.

I am still holding onto lessons mama taught me. Like I shouldn’t buy fruits if they are not in season, see mom I am still following your rules…somehow.☺

My reads for may

I have been slow this May too many distractions, yet the book that caught my attention is THE SMART MONEY WOMAN I took my time reading this since I really wanted to grasp something out of this book which I did. So yaaay for me and I will definitely do a review of it we all need the tips on money spending and investing.

The next book is the edge of always for those who know you know why this book gets me excited.

what has been keeping distracted(in a good way)

Let me be honest movies, series and a little adventure someone special has been teaching to have a balance between books and stuff.

For the record I loved the movie Kissing Booth thank God for colleagues who introduce you to Netflix as my case

another movie GET OUT, the only reason I did watch this was how my boyfriend highly recommended this particular movie since he low key wants to drag me to the horror movies lane

Oh yes, and youtube I have been obsessed within Wahura Kabutha’s YT she’s is quite an entertainer plus super hilarious I binge watched her channel a whole day, obsessed much?

Let’s talk music‘s approach was unique getting me to download music from their widget is the best decision I have made so far.

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I was probably listening to short and sweet new jam in town via  for any music download visit lets promote our own folks.

The Trivial

  • I finally got the part two of the book THE EDGE OF NEVER!! THE EDGE OF ALWAYS this has had me excited for weeks since I purchased it, book review coming up
  • I am getting lighter in weight thanks to the elevator not working at work and every day has been a trip up and down the stairs (work out indeed)
  • I have joined a certain apparel soon talking about it

Thank you for stopping by I hope June has been okay to handle so far!

I LOVE BOOKS!!! Make sure you follow me on my socials. Thank you for visiting.

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