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Different Outfits Same Shoe: For The Cold!

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Happy July friends, I feel from the month of July onwards is a second chance if the first six months weren’t the best or rather didn’t work out for you, enough with the facts before I get carried away.

Talk about the temperature drop, the fifth day of the month and the cold has been the topic but what choice do we have other than keeping warm from dressing to hot drinks intake, I do love two 0f my current favourite outfits allow me to share.

For the first outfit:

  • Turtleneck-town stalls
  • Short skater skirt plus stockings on
  • Trench coat-thrift shop
  • The boots- @f_reborn

The second and the last look for the this post ðŸ˜

  • Beanie-gifted
  • Turtleneck-thrift shop
  • Jeans- @f_reborn
  • Jacket-gifted

and the boots! Can you sense the excitement I have mentioning these babies?

I have to say doing black is a discovery I noted… it has been my thing for the longest time, but hey its a good thing with this cold black retains the heat thus keeping you warm, no I still don’t have my science notes.

Stay warm loves!😊

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  1. I love your outfit ….way to go for this cold July 😙😙

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