Wine And Beer Tasting A Bonus Of Burger Fest Too

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I must say the first week/weekend of August was spectacular! This is me setting the pace since it’s my birth month. My friend and I took the stroll down to Leleshwa getaway for the wine and beer tasting, we were there for the wine we are not beer people or at least I’m not.

First of all Leleshwa getaway is very serene and unique in its own way situated in Karen not very far from Kitengela hot glass. The views almost made me forget what my mission was, getting tasty *insert tongue out emoji*

I found this interesting (forgive my lack of photography skills 😬)

Well,  the objective of this event was to tell the difference of various wines just by tasting which I only get to see in movies tell you what, I met people with such taste buds. We consoled each other “with a few more wine tasting events we shall be gurus too”.

The trip to Leleshwa was unforgettable and at the same time educative since we didn’t get out of there the same way we got in. This event got me hoping to many more of this probably thrice a year,so worth it  getting all the way to Karen for this.

Burger Fest

The past week was the burger fest and in my life, I have never taken advantage of this specific fest like I did, top 5 best places according to me:

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Let us take advantage of this festivals when we can right? we now wait for the pizza fest…. just don’t over do we need our healthy selves up and running too

Enjoy the 8th month of the year folks!! And sorry for derailing.😉

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