My Anatomy On These Reactions

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I knew I  have a problem when my girlfriends admitted it to me recently, you know how your close friends try and show you that you, not the problem the other party is, guess my friends had it enough and came clean since my ‘disorder’ came out quite strongly in my last episode with a special being in my life *not my boyfriend* but he is special.


Can you see what I’m doing? strenuously hiding this huge word with pink highlight, not only is over thinking huge but hazardous.

I can’t really put my finger on when overthinking became my hobby *not willingly* but it must have been my late teen years 17/18/19 so here’s the thing, laughing about it and relating to memes is one thing but it being serious and costing you relationship breakups be it even friendships is another.I know what you are thinking if its a close friend or your spouse they  would understand,tell you what honey, people do have it enough and if you are draining them they tend to repel,I mean I wouldn’t want anyone straining me like  that but turns out I did.

I really didn’t make overthinking a hobby, what has brought it from my perspective is wanting things to be perfect therefore looking out for any possibilities that would bring non perfection in short according to me I am protecting my self or rather ourselves from bad vibes, in my head I am the hero probably need to say ”I saw it coming *from thinking too much* and I prevented it” and now brings overreacting in this case I am intercepting,can you really blame me for being the hero??simply not.

[su_heading size=”20″ align=”left” margin=”30″]Overreacting[/su_heading]

Well,I’m actually known for this not even overthinking I too have always known that I’m a drama queen but my drama queen side is brought up only when I reach to a place of detest.These two reactions go hand in hand but overthinking is the root cause.I remember my girl was comforting me after the episode that cost me my special being telling me;

”Wanjiru if you were understanding you wouldn’t have overreacted like this, I know you’ve gone through so much this year you’ve reached a state of not giving a fuck but sis you are losing your important peeps and yourself too,not everyone will hold on to that character for long”

Just like that I had an epiphany that I wasn’t understanding sadly, after my major wild episode, but oh well for one to learn and get it you have to go through the hard way.

I learnt one thing or two:

  • Fine, life throws crap at us but it doesn’t mean that we should be crappy too my ‘very bad’ situation almost controlled me and clearly I’ve lost it once in a while but not for long since I’m learning to compose myself in every way possible.
  • not to go overboard you: if something anything feels off doesn’t mean you need to go full speed on it take time contemplate, use the right way to go about it.

lol I meant it literally learning a thing or two.

what I’m trying to say is, these two reactions aren’t worth losing your special being like I did,act right, we all need our special beings.

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