Nairobi Coffee Fest 2018

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A year ago if you ever told me that I’d attend some coffee festival. I’d tell I’m tripping but hey never say never! Thanks to a close friend of mine who’s a barista, I became a coffee lover (hey Muthoni! I love you hun!). Thanks to her I’m obsessed with the caramel macchiato  and cappuccino.

On to details:

Nairobi coffee festival is the kind of event that brings coffee lovers together, the event features

  • Coffee Painting,
  • Tasting,
  • Latte Art,
  • Hand Brewing,
  • Cocktail Making,
  • live music,
  • crafts for kids,
  • adult pottery workshops

and so much more. I found adult pottery interesting. I mean it was a pretty much crispy event yet fun there was jazz music 😉😊  plus my brother didn’t complain at all except that we were having expresso during a hot sunny day and if he didn’t mean it was a good event.

                          What fascinated me;

Pottery:I am excited typing this because it was  my absolute fave I would have spent the entire day on this.

Music;  I love jazz music (fact)  some of that, the sunset and few shots of expresso was the best way to end my weekend,Ha! that’s what I thought since I couldn’t sleep till 2 am.

Art: my mission was to get an artist and maybe just maybe, paint  a portrait of myself #selflove? most definitely.

And then there were munchies;My sweet tooth self was sorted there’s no way I would complain having chocolate amarula muffins. 😋

I honestly look forward to such events in the future.The brisk kind at the same time fun full of laughter and unforgettable with my close beings.

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