Oloiden Camping Trip Naivasha:2018

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Monday 😞feeling like crap at work, I very much deserve it after a whole weekend of camping, hiking and late night talks around the bonfire with friends, not that am complaining I would go back if given the chance *yawning*

 A little rant…

I really love camping. The first chance I got I took it! Too bad the travel agency I used wasn’t reliable at all, especially the customer service which is the main thing to please a customer. But oh well, for me its a NEVER EVER  using that specific agency again. But tell you what with the right people I  still did enjoy the trip.

Despite being highly disappointed, their choice of the camping site which is the Oloiden camp in Naivasha was superb. Definitely a place I would go back to hands down! It was serene, the breeze by the lakeside, the view of the hills grass so green and neat.I seriously I want to go back now.

Camping really got to my head, I mean I woke up to capture the sunrise. The irony since I’m a lazy ass, especially getting up at 6:00 am for the sunrise?! wow! Just wow people do change I did surprise myself.

believe I got the shot😬


Now, this was relatively fun, getting past rocky hills and burning calories. Plus the scenery was magical… nature is beautiful.

I’m giving much thought about how I will ditch lunch dates with girls or friends to have more of this. More outdoor activities or a balance of both. They are soothing, exhausting but worth it!

PS: wondering how I will get through the week

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  1. The sunrise love should be there always😃…nice article cousin

  2. Blessed Eddz Reply

    Nice one. Although blog ya this time was too short😅😩

  3. Nice camping site. For a moment it reminds one of the old Australian aborigines’ belief that each one of us has a soul place in the natural world where they must belong. That it is as much a part of you as you are a part of it. Bliss even. often times in finding these places we find ourselves. Strange though, I left my soul here.

    • Wanjiru Kay Reply

      wow kelvin deep stuff there, lol now I see your footprints

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