From The Eyes Of A Local: Marsabit County 2018

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Marsabit, Kenya might look impenetrable but the reality is, it’s the kind of destination long-distance road trips were made for. A journey which involved a car, we used this baby.


From the Rocky Mountain Mt.Kulal (which I barely knew about till now) to the lakeside of Loiyangalani located 50km west of Mt.Kulal, and grizzly animal habitats, there are few more wildly wonderful journeys than this which unfortunately I didn’t get to explore.

Just look at the view! My proclivity for views is major. Clearly, this is a place that you can’t do a ‘walk alone’ adventure. You would need a guide who was very reliable and descriptive you’d think he’s born and raised in Marsabit County. Well for the guys they did they wanted to at least.

This is the kind of view a proposal would go for, red wine in hand with the girlfriends. *sigh* me and the girls need this, more time away from the city. The fresh air, I kept breathing in and out dramatically like in the movies feeling the moment, you know?

Getting to the rocky hills was challenging for a not very fit human. Me! πŸ™‹and frightening for a person who’s afraid of heights. Me! πŸ™‹ but I had to for the pics plus, I feel so proud when I knock up a challenge, don’t we all?

Loiyangalani Lake Turkana 

I love love the sunrise by the lake but the sunset won for this, another ‘feeling the moment’ time.

Behold lake Turkana, side note I fancy the name Loiyangalani.

Loiyangalani is also a small town in the southeastern coast of Lake Turkana. It consists of roughly 1,000 inhabitants where mostly El Molo people live. Something new  I learnt is that they hold the Lake Turkana festival. It’s in my bucket list to attend one dressing up like the Turkana, celebrating their culture would be amazing.

fact; Loiyangalani means a place of many trees {in samburu}

For a county that has awesome views, great costumes and culture its hard to believe that it has faced malnutrition cases over the years. In the end, it was one astounding journey. I’m hoping to do this more often, culture exposure to be specific and camel rides too.

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  1. Loves the piece on Marsabit County Definitely a place to visit # good read

    • Wanjiru Kay Reply

      Thank you!! I so want to join your wasini vacay πŸ˜₯

  2. I’m extremely impressed with how well you write! The little girl has grown up! 😜 Good stuff!

    • Wanjiru Kay Reply

      Thank you Allan!!! Finally you’ve agreed that am grown this is emotional Asante πŸ˜‚

  3. Glad you shared the positive story of Marsabit. But its lake turkana not lake loiyangalani. Great story and on point

    • Wanjiru Kay Reply

      Thank you! and thanks for the correction too

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