The Big Launch ft Big Square KE

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Spontaneous decisions  turn out to be the unforgettable memories you talk about till old age.

No, I haven’t settled on getting to know how to DJ… YET.

Well, congratulations Big square  KE for making major grand openings this year, to start with the Nyali branch Mombasa county, now in the CBD of Nairobi two of them. One which I recently attended at the new 680 branch and another launch happening this week at Moi Ave. (a total of 10 branches). It’s all we can eat people big square got us big time. The more the branches the more juicy pork ribs to consume.😋

680 branch was spectacular though all these decorations were for the paarrryy before cutting the bowl and people swamping in with excitement, this right here made my Friday thrilling but again, best believe with or without the decorations this place still is stupendous.

Food and cocktails;

Fact; I really love pizzas  which we opted for, specifically we did the Hawaiian, Sausage bacon avo and the BBQ rib pizza

Customers are always looking to expand their palates and meet the demand for new and exciting flavours with BigSquare.

My fave; The BBQ  rib pizza I met a back of house staff who was generous enough to share the recipe

    • Pizza sauce
    • Raw onions
    • Cheese
    • BBQ rib+BBQ sauce
    • Oregano and basil
    • Dough base

The service:

The front of house staff was winning, with their skill of service they literally made the 6pm till late worth it.

My absolute fave, THE COSMOPOLITAN

Best part, enjoying all Big square had to offer with the family!! nothing could ever beat that.

The more fun memories we make coming this festive season, the better cause getting to 2019 with this vibe will be significant.

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