Life Update; 2018

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I never related when people posted on social media how their year was, either being a ‘good year’ or ‘a not so good year’ to them but I bet mine was always okay the okay not to complain or be ‘happy’ about which I regret for not paying attention to the little things.I always said ”May this year be favorable” cliche‘😒 “this is the year” cliche

But note…I was grateful to see a new year I never took it for granted to be alive.

Two Thousand And Eighteen;

One hell of a year can it just end already?

Pain, anxiety, disappointments, change, frustration, betrayal cooking inside in me. ” I want to get away from the face of the earth” not once have I said this to one of my closest friends whom I thank for making me go to impromptu trips. Pain is what I mostly felt both physical and emotional.

Physical; from the accident remember?  still taking painkillers once in a while

This is the year I can proudly say I learnt, I’ve grown literally grabbed life by the balls and have taken few punches from life too. And maybe related to what people post, finally.

see, this weird smirk I have on can tell I’ve learnt something haha!

Emotional: confession, I have always been afraid of change, getting comfortable was my thing (working on this), explains why I have such a hard time making new friends. I love my old friends and I’m pretty much okay with their character a bonus point. They are okay with my character. Same case with relationships I find it exhausting bringing in a new person to your life getting to know them deep and vice versa.

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In 2018,the characters I knew or rather always known showed me their worst how was the pain you ask? excruciating   how did I handle it? worst way possible, at some point  not for long though.

I shaved!the old me would have said its technically cause of the accident

{Read the story if you haven’t} 

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but the new me says I wanted/needed that change, I feel divergent now. Somehow immune to trash and negativity.

Not that the negative vibes don’t hit me they do its just trying to see things from  a different perspective that is what has been making me move forward  and not dwell on things that weren’t supposed to work out in the first place *thumbs up emoji*

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   let’s polish ourselves with every situation that comes our way,deal?

Regardless I want 2018 gone, So much to remember and a remoulded persona. Have a Merry Christmas bs n fs{ bookies n friends} and a happy 2019.

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