She Aspires Not To Jinx This

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She has been smiling, actually laughing truth be told she hasn’t felt it in a while, you know… alive and warm. Picture it this way she is at this place, green fields, butterflies and sunshine thus the warmth at heart.


She needs you to believe this, the saying ‘there’s light at the end of the tunnel’ she wasn’t a believer of this at first but would you look at that!! She is using it, portraying it and sharing it.

She knows now, when she descends she will ascend some day, as long as she doesn’t linger over.

Let’s take a few steps back where she felt alone,afraid (to live) and confused ”I don’t got this” she thought ”what am I doing?”

She felt timid, intimidated by everything around her it was a dark space at the time no one wanted to be around her(that’s what she thought). To a point of numbness, happiness to her was foreign.

She had to make a decision, to listen to a voice ; a positive one inside her numb body ‘chose light’ ‘chose contentment’. The bottle she had all things accumulated shattered.

Slow and steady that’s how change came to be. ”There’s no rush in Africa” her mother would remind her ”Take your time, you’ll come around.”

We are safe to say that she’s okay now, one step at a time. She’s getting it, her goal is to achieve and most importantly conquer and ooh wait!! She’s dreaming, her dreams are underway, striving to make them a reality.

It has been a journey for the last four hundred and eighty nine days, she has a come a long way and hoping to at least keep up.

Long story short, she is no longer reserved as she used to, baby steps….

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  1. I finished all my reads, I thought of stopping by to find something in my preferred genre (mystery & thrillers) I haven’t read yet, this caught my eye though. You write beautifully.

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