From The Eyes Of A Local: Meru County 2019

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Enlightenment takes time. For this mini-tour, I have to thank my little sister for not studying in Nairobi. Being in a school 220km from home thrills her and thanks to her we had this impromptu experience cause we had to attend the school’s annual meeting. Is there any more iconic way to explore Meru than to travel by car, taking in views of the mountains and plateaus as you cruise at your leisure, a lush valley of deep-red earth and miraa fields stunning limestone outcrops that are often shrouded by morning mist.

The first town we stopped over was Nanyuki. With its low-key vibe, bungalows looking out over the nature views and main street populated by mom-and-pop shops, the town hints at what many of these major towns have been through which is major development.

I’ve been dreading to be out and about since the Marsabit experience and who knew a town 4 hours from Nairobi was such a serene place.

The Airbnb won!

Lelwel cottage

This is a place I would highly recommend whenever one is around Timau town.

Note its one hot cake airbnb one has to book months prior, Lelwel is the ‘chill’ place major boosts from Mt.Kenya views away from the high-rises and buzzing streets, this cottage exudes luxury and comfort in every inch of its architecturally designed area. If am being honest, Lelwel cottage was the one thing I was looking forward to.

After the Meru tour from my sister’s school warmth, rest and food was what we were aiming at , fire was a good idea since heavy dark clouds were upon us considering the weather lately which I love by the way.


Cosiest of them all, one thing that make me docile is a good comfortable bed and a kitchen tick and tick at lelwel.

Escaping the norm of what a typical weekend would be in Nairobi was achieved. Small talk, bonding, board games and real relax time is what we had, actual laughter from stories we would tell was something, and thinking about it now makes me miss a four days ago escapade.

Looking north, I could see Highway 1 snaking northward along a dry valley, eventually leading to ragged point, but this would be as far north as we would be traveling.

Hardest part was leaving Timau and going back to reality. This is what I’ve sworn I will be returning Lelwel cottage mark my words ( I could be dramatic sometimes I know)

Isn’t she pretty? I loved her

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