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Over-coming A Reading Slump

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Having a reading slump is the worst thing a reader would ever face. So far, I have faced some major slump March to be precise, got my mojo back then boom another, currently getting back to books I read one the past week and damn I feel like I’ve achieved a lot.

Try a new genre

In January I was constantly reading romance books, specifically the huge hit ‘the After series’ (that’s my problem by the way over-doing something since I’ve connected with it). So, reading back to back romance novels messed me up a little,looking for a solution, made me jump to crime thriller novels, Lisa Gardner, Never Tell broke me out in March (round of applause please). I mean, crime thrillers keeps you on toes compared to romance books all about mushy mood and having an ‘aawww’ moment. That kind of change is healthy for those who get stuck up like I do.

Try short stories, poetry etc

The likes of Rupi kaur’s poetry would be to the rescue, a few weeks ago I tried ‘we should all be feminists by Chimamanda ngozi. Why? These kind of books don’t take much of your time, and if its short and good ,chances are you’d want to read more.

Switch from ebooks to hard copies and vice versa

Works like a charm, I’m all about ebooks but again, over-doing something gets you exhausted, who knows switching to hard copies would be your antidote. Seriously though, purchase some books from a book shop you will read them with time breaking the norm.

Check out reviews

Reviews can really work in your favor , I mostly read books cause I visit book blogs and good reads . Curiosity gets me all the time, you know that feeling you want get too cause a book blogger expressed it in a certain way? That kills me, getting me to read a book. In a snap it works in your favor.

Join book clubs

This one I’m speaking from my friend’s perspective. I invited her to the book we host every month (you know to pass time) according to her. Here’s the thing book nerds being together discussing a book is such a thrilling feeling. Just that, woke her reading self, book clubs could be beneficial.

Now let’s beat this goddamn reading slumps book nerds!

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