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Do you even remember what my name was? Hey! My name is Wanjiru and I’m very much alive we thank God.

Okay, catch up sesh from this post

Two thousand and nineteen was a good year but ended up shitty. Well, not really shitty, 3 weeks after the post above ya girl got a job, see why I so much believe in God? Fast forward to 2020, this one was quite demanding than the last, talking about less social media to a point of, less explore{my goal this year was to check-in and out in most Kenyan Airbnb’s} but let’s not get started on where we are right now *rolls eyes*[pandemic} to my schedule being work- home and home- work and my oh my I despised this, still do. If there was a serial killer on the loose I made an easy target reason being my schedule was quite predictable.

Why I’m struggling with this all of this:


The last seven months have been the fast-moving months in my life, still absorbing what is still happening in my life. Picture this, zippy paced photos in a slide show and you’re trying to figure out what photo you saw on the last slide show. That has been me lately.

My question is, how and when do you get your ‘you time’ when you’re living with your significant other? Where’s the balance? That balance of being the listener and vice versa to ”these are my alone thoughts and I want to probably scribble them down, on a blog post maybe?” Don’t get me wrong I love the guy, LOVE.


This has been another roller-coaster, got to almost quitting, thought the world pandemic was my sign to finally do it, but the pandemic came with a promotion. I had to still have to prove that I’m worthy of this position, a mentality ‘fuck this job I want out’ needed to transform ASAP to ‘thank you for this position I’ll do whatever it takes to make things easy around here.’

Draining(that’s the word), the anxiety attacks I’ve had, the number of times I’ve taken secret trips to the bathroom( to slow breath) are just countless.

Do I still read anymore?

I still read, but slower than ever, I had to reduce my 2020 reading goal on Goodreads check me out

For the book club we now do zoom calls every once a month since COVID 19 claimed that meeting in groups might cost our lives.


I love this world though, I do a lot I feel like finally, the universe is on my side, slowly but surely I’ll get a hang of it, my world feels like it’s revolving and fast, but it’s up to me to control that axis, to not let things take charge it should be quite the opposite. No pressure one step at a time. I just thought of this, that I’ll be 24 soon. Not related to the post I just to put it out there. lol

Adios I’ll do book reviews in the meantime. As I get back on track.

On the bright side I got a super dope hobby! Photography

I LOVE BOOKS!!! Make sure you follow me on my socials. Thank you for visiting.

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