From The Eyes Of A Local: Laikipia County 2020

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Lately, we’ve been making trips around but I’ve been out of line writing about them. I’m done with excuses ‘been busy’ or ‘a lot had been going on’ we just document what we want to when we want to. Thinking about Laikipia makes me appreciate my country, that past weekend has been really liberating which was majorly contributed by lack of planning. Note: Leave Nairobi early to explore enough and to not spend two nights away from home which initially was planned for one.

Ngare Ndare was the place my phone was to capture pictures of, but due to the deep roots of African timing, there was a change of plans. Apparently leaving Nairobi at 10 am then using the longest route to the Ngare doesn’t do much but arriving during the closing hours of the place, but hey, what isn’t planned turn out to be the best memories ever created. I mean look at these serene photos we took on our way to Ngare Ndare, one word WORTH IT!

It was a bonus trip on the bright side, one day for road trip the next for actual research.


It only made thing easier spending the night in Nanyuki and waking up to Olepejeta, well that, and getting a safari van for actual exploration, so next time Ngare Ndare you are still on our list.

We had the best tour guide we took a whole load of information; the cute impalas are males which are quite polygamous and (funny part) they actually fight their horns off for the ladies.

The Buffalos, these two male buds are the old and rusty and thus the reason they are cast out by the herd upon waiting for death ( A little harsh but that’s what I learnt) The young energetic together with the ladies and calves are the large herd we see around.

Zebras, I love them, fun fact they only have two stripes black and white. The old mature ones’ pattern, the stripes are quite defined the premature ones, they are brownish they look somehow dirty and for the little ones, their fur is ragged.

The animal of the hour, Mr. rhino, look at this beauty minding his own business, literally headed to drink water. I loved him mainly because they are endangered species.

I’d see how rhinos were hunted down for horns on the internet and the news, but it didn’t hit to the core till we got to the place where they are all remembered/ honoured.

FEW are natural causes but most they are killed and this is just the tip on the iceberg.

The elephant knows its a hot buttered rum of an animal it took a while before we got a decent shot of it. Lowkey, I so badly wanted to get close to it like in the movies, but for some reason, the tour guide was insistent on saying that if we got close it, it would crush us like we chewing gum. Yikes!

Mr. elephant wasn’t the only one who felt hotly buttered,the lion did too we took a couple looking for one but this one we had to miss since it was getting late.

I loved Nanyuki probably always will. Coolest weather, seeing the tip of Mount Kenya and God! the cleanest water I’ve drank in a while. Ngare was a miss but it was all for good cause, it wasn’t a weekend wasted.

We’ll meet again Laikipia county and see you soon Ngare Ndare.

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