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Don’t Look For Me By Wendy Walker: Book Review

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Don't Look for Me
Title: Don't Look for Me
Genres: ,
Published: 9/15/2020
Page Count: 342
Goodreads Rating: 4.11
Format: Hardcover
One night, Molly Clarke walked away from her life. The car abandoned miles from home. The note found at a nearby hotel. The shattered family that couldn't be put back together. It happens all the time. Women disappear, desperate to leave their lives behind and start over. She doesn't want to be found. Or at least, that's the story. But is that what really happened to Molly Clarke?The night Molly disappeared began with a storm,…
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Don't Look for Me

Something about thrillers that make me enamoured be it movies or books they are just my go-to. I love every time I read a book by an author I haven't read before because they don't let me down at ...

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Something about thrillers that make me enamoured be it movies or books they are just my go-to. I love every time I read a book by an author I haven’t read before because they don’t let me down at first, eventually, they do {okay most of them have}.

About The Book

Clarke’s family went through a tragedy that has driven them to live in a tense situation for the last 5 years. Molly Clarke [the mom] has suffered the most. The book is from Molly’s POV and Nicole’s POV [the daughter]

Since Annie’s death, Molly took a turn since her death hit her hard, change of behaviour, letting her career go basically what a mom would do if she lost a child and keeps blaming herself for it. Molly feels like her family blames her for it, she’s distant with everyone she thinks her husband is cheating, Nicole her 21-year-old daughter is the nastiest with the words she uses on her mom, and Evans her teenage son, well, he is doing his best to ‘ghost’ his mother. So Molly if look at it from her point of view she is holding on to her life by a thread. Till she decides to walk away. {for a split second]

Why I kept reading/My take on it

Honest to God you wouldn’t blame for reading it till you do when Wendy was working on this book, her goal was your time to revolve around it till you’re done. In other words, it’s captivating. So many questions ran through my mind when as I was reading did Molly walk away from her family? did she really write that note? That’s my joy right there going round the bend trying to fit in a puzzle for fictional characters and that I’m clapping for Wendy so hard till my hands go numb. I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK, it’s for everyone.

It’s an easy book to read if I’m being honest fast-paced, heart-pumping I took so many 5 minutes breaks while reading to regain my composure and basically catch my breath, this book gave me YOU vibes {that show on netflix} Most of the time, I was seated on the edge with a foreboding atmosphere.

We are taken on Molly’s bandwagon we feel her pain, her withdrawal the weight she has when she decides she will walk away and you empathize with her. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for this book grab a copy for more.


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      Please do!! read this one I think you’ll like it

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