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The After Series By Anna Todd : Book Review

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Format: Paperback
AFTER has been published in over 30 languages, with more than 10 million copies sold worldwide, and is a #1 bestseller in Italy, Germany, France and Spain. The film adaptation of AFTER, which Anna is co-producing, is set to be released in early 2019. Anna  and her husband currently live in Los Angeles.

I have to confess again… I wasn’t thrilled at all when my friend got me to read the series simply because it’s a YA and it was a Harry Styles/ one direction fan fiction I once loved the boy band but again reading  the book years later made me feel that I’m past it,but now this is me reviewing it obsessing over the main character I was genuinely surprised. Plus I really related to this book, toxicity been there, passion not as much.

                                    What made me love the series:

 I watched an interview with the author and I thought it was so interesting. She straight up said that he’s a bad person(Hardin) and that not all people are good. This story is realistic in that sense. Everyone has issues and he’s obviously trying to deal with them, but it’s obvious to anyone who reads this book that he’s trying so hard to change. That’s just not realistic. That’s what I liked about After, that it depicted something that wasn’t necessarily good or healthy, but it was real.

Going into this, I thought it would be all about the romance, but it’s not. It’s got so many other aspects in it that revolve around family, friends, university and work life. This isn’t just a love story, it’s a coming of age story.

Undoubtedly, the writer knows how to keep the readers invested and make them finish her series. And yes, I did finish the series because I’m just like Tess who can’t keep her promises when it comes to books and shocking plot twists.
The movie will be out this April…. well, I’m super excited I majorly want to see if the directors have disappointed but I’m excited!

                                 What I Got From The Series:

Growth: There’s room for it, Tessa and Hardin became even more extreme and turned from dysfunctional right down to mental to a more stable couple especially when we get to book 4 there is that the ride is no longer bumpy somehow okay not to leave you in a mess.

Humour; well the books left me in a mess but in several occasions, I literally laughed at loud thanks to Hardin’s sarcasm.

Change: this we see in Hardin,  he changed for Tessa, from how he managed to control his anger, jealousy and possessiveness.

I felt like I was once like Hardin minus a few characteristics of course.

                                                                The annoying

Back and forth drama between Hardin and Tessa gets to be very irritating, I can’t seem to turn away from it. It’s like I’m stuck in an abusive relationship with this couple.

To describe Hardin Allen Scott: Unpredictable, moody, flawed, broken, aloof, secretive, demanding, conflicted and possessive. I hated really hated Hardin but *SIGH* I got to love him and think about him even after the reads.

I DIDN’T SEE THE NEED FOR THE BOOK 5 #BEFORE we already were given Hardin’s pov so quite frankly waste of time.

                                     fave quotes

“I have come to learn that the people who
pretend to care the least actually care the

“You shouldn’t
date someone if your heart is owned by someone
else. It doesn’t work, trust me.”

Grab the copy people! We all need to go to the cinemas in order to get more of Tessa and Hardin. 😜

My Rating: 4.2

4.2Overall Score

I have to confess again... I wasn't thrilled at all when my friend got me to read the series simply because it's a YA and it was a Harry Styles/ one direction fan fiction I once loved the boy ...

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